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The Dreams Of Our Children Are In Crises.​​​ A 92-Year-Old, Retired Physician And World War II Veteran Dying Of Cancer Is Trying to Raise Funds to Save The School In Honor Of His Mother, Who Finished College In 1923. We Provide Extended Education Services To The Poor. Donate $10, $12 or $25 Today.

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  1. Inspired, Stimulated, Engaged and Empowered through a rigorous standard curriculum, and a systemic, sequential program integrated with museum learning; and expanded technical education opportunities;
  2. Educate the whole child by Igniting and fanning the flames of curiosity using core values, program mastery of specific knowledge and skills at each grade level K-5th and community leadership in a culturally enriched preparatory environment.

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This country spends $650 billion annual in public education. Nearly 40 years ago, President Ronald Reagan commissioned a comprehensive report on education. “A Nation at Risk,” which came out in 1983, warned of the increasing failure of the U.S. public school system. “There’s no excuse for the current state of America’s educational system,” “We run the risk of falling even further behind if we don’t incorporate innovation and opportunity as bedrock principles.” Essentials are Reading, Writing,
Numeracy, Technology, History and the English Language.


  1. Students travel regularly to learning venues for research, planning, classes, demonstrations, and challenging hands-on opportunities. Bringing museums into the curriculum will inspire and engage not only student learning but also the parents, teachers and community we serve.
  2. Our infrastructure is designed to stimulate and engage students, explore with students, experiment, to research, to cultivate creativity, and to explain artifacts and exhibits. These kinds of Classroom and Museum Learning experiences brings the very best learning environment possible to students with varied learning abilities, interests and backgrounds. 
  3. Learning takes place in an intense proactive, nurturing, and observant learning environment. 

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